KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is a two-component, UV-stable high performance seamless and self-terminating cold fluid-applied polyester reinforced solvent-free. KEMPEROL 2K-PUR Speedshot combined with KEMPEROL 2K-PUR is the ideal solution for all applications where speed is essential. These include balconies. KEMPEROL® 2K-PUR is a solvent-free and odourless, fully reinforced, polyurethane resin-based liquid waterproofing system. It is ideal for use on sustainablility.

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Prepare flashing substrates as required for application of new waterproofing membrane flashings. Smooth-surfaced membrane with applied coating shall have all loose coating removed, and an adhesion test performed by Waterproofing Manufacturer’s Technical representative to confirm acceptable adhesion.

Obtain all principal components of waterproofing system from a single manufacturer. How can we help? Broadcast aggregate to excess into surfacing until a uniform dry aggregate layer has been achieved.

All located deficiencies shall be repaired and followed by a re-inspection by the membrane manufacturer. Strip in the metal flange with a separate 8 inch wide strip of membrane adhered to both the securement flange and to the field membrane.

Set in water cut-off mastic and secure to the structural substrate. Substrate shall be sound and all spalls, voids and blow holes on vertical or horizontal surfaces must be repaired prior to placement of the primer coat. Fit plywood to all penetrations, projections, and nailers.

System flame-free felt roofing system Bailey. Porous and higher moisture content concrete substrates may require an adjustment to the primer application rate or multiple coats to achieve proper pore saturation and sealing.

Kemperol AP fleece embedded in coating.

Perform tests at the beginning of the Work, and at intervals as required to assure specified substrate conditions with a minimum of 3 tests per SF area to be waterproofed. Edit if required to include a manufacturer’s recommended system not described. Store and dispose of solvent-based kempero, and materials used with solvent-based materials, in accordance with requirements of local authorities having jurisdiction.


Seal aggregate surface with a sealing coat application of Membrane Manufacturer’s approved aggregate coating, applied at the manufacturer’s recommended application rate. Please tick the box above.

Relative moisture content of 75 percent or greater indicates the need for more extensive substrate priming and sealing. Broadcast specified and approved sand or aggregate in kemperil into a bonding coat application of Membrane Manufacturer’s aggregate coating system applied over clean, cured membrane at the manufacturer’s recommended application rate.

Edges shall be checked so that no edges are left substantially unsupported along the flutes. Provide 4 inch overlaps.

Roof liquid waterproofing – KEMPEROL 2K-PUR – KEMPER SYSTEM – Videos

Molded polyethylene core with water retaining troughs and openings for ventilation and evaporation, and multidirectional drainage channel system on the underside. Completion of flashings, terminations, and temporary closures shall be completed as required to provide a watertight condition. Horizontal Surfacing Profile Joint: Verify substrate surface slopes to drain for horizontal waterproofing applications. Review weather and forecasted weather conditions and procedures for coping with unfavorable conditions, including possibility of temporary roofing.

Delete if not applicable. Company kemperrol in performing the work of this section with a minimum of 3 kempedol documented experience and approved by system manufacturer for warranted membrane installation. Place boards perpendicular to steel deck flutes with edges over flute surface for bearing support.

Kemperol 2K-PUR highly permeable roofing membrane

Do not thin primer. It can also be used internally to provide a homogeneous, seamless waterproofing membrane to floors in areas such as boiler and control rooms. Metal flashings shall be fabricated in accordance with the current recommendations of SMACNA and in accordance with the Manufacturer’s standard drawings.

Follow cap sheet manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate application procedure. Notify the Architect immediately in the event the test kemperkl are below specified values. Strip all insulation and cover board joints with polyester fleece reinforcement imbedded into the wet primer or resin.

Provide with shim system or integral height adjustment mechanism. All defects in the deck or substrate shall be corrected before new waterproofing work commences.


Do not apply primer on any substrate containing asphalt, coal-tar pitch, creosote or penta-based materials unless approved in writing by Membrane Manufacturer. When deciding on the extent of the mock-up, consider all the major different types of work on the project. Two-component, solvent-free polyurethane resin for use in improving adhesion of membrane to wood, metal and bituminous substrate surfaces. Furnish a copy of records to each party attending.

Accelerator to be used with cream resin Component A prior to mixing of multi-component resin. A surface moisture content of under 5 percent is required to allow for proper primer penetration into the substrate. Keemperol primer Kempedol B into Component A and mix for approximately 2 minutes with a clean spiral agitator on slow speed without creating any bubbles or streaks.

Securement to gypsum-based panels, cementitious stucco, synthetic stucco, wood or metal siding or coping, and other similar materials is not acceptable. Note that traffic surfacing is not suitable for flashings. Blistering of membrane may result from excessive substrate moisture. Do not commence with the application unless substrate conditions are suitable.

Application of waterproofing membrane may proceed while air temperature is between 40 degrees F 5 degrees C and 90 degrees F 30 degrees C providing the substrate is a minimum of 5 degrees F above the dew point.

Your browser does not keemperol automatic copy to clipboard. The object content is configured for use in UK, but it may also be suitable for use in other locations.

Install a strainer basket to prevent debris from clogging the drainage line. Taper insulation around roof drains so as kmperol provide proper slope for drainage. Closely follow Membrane Manufacturer’s recommendation for hot and cold weather application. Maintain copies of all current SDS for all components on site.